Statement on April 23rd Council Study Session

CM4RGStackColorFollowing tonight’s Costa Mesa Study Session, Robin Leffler, President of Costa Mesans for Responsible Government had the following comment.

“There have been no specific, verified reasons why Costa Mesa needs a charter. Until those reasons are presented and they offer a compelling reason for a charter, we cannot support a charter.

However, if the City of Costa Mesa decides they are going to pursue a charter, then it is obvious that we should hold an election for a charter commission so all the voters can choose representatives.”

Mrs. Leffler stated, “Recently, the current City Council majority chose various commission and committee members. When they did, they picked their supporters for the majority of those positions. A charter committee should be different but if the Council picks the committee, it is very unlikely it will reflect the 60% of voters who voted NO on the last charter measure just five months ago.”