Responding to Distortions, Deceptions, and Neglectful Omissions

Re: “Problem: pensions not council”, September 14:  Colin McCarthy crafts some distortions, deceptions and neglectful omissions in his letter.

First, Mr. McCarthy stated “A system in which the police unions spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to elect who they want to the City Council….” This is a grand distortion.  The police union does not spend any tax dollars.  Their funds come from the salaries of their members who can spend their money any way they want.

You would think that a person representing a taxpayer organization would know this.  Actually, I think he does, and this was a blatant attempt by Mr. McCarthy to deceive the readers of his letter because he couldn’t make his points based on facts.

Second, he refers to the “system” as corrupt but does not offer any legal facts to support this corruption charge.  In fact a few sentences later he says that it is legal.  So Mr. McCarthy’s previous corruption charge is nothing but another type of deception used to confuse readers.

Third, because Mr. McCarthy usually likes to make his arguments personal, I was curious why Mr. McCarthy neglected to mention that one of his cohorts, Councilman Monahan, went along with the retirement and pension plans that are currently of such concern.  Is this another attempt at deception by omission?

Fourth, Mr. McCarthy never mentions the proposed city charter, which he has so strongly supported in the past as a means to address the pension issues.  Even he knows now that the charter does not address the current pension issues.  However, he does imply that the police union should negotiate with the city for a more reasonable contract.  Sure, after the City Council has created such an adversarial and contentious environment for its employees and their associations, it is no wonder they are reluctant to talk with the city.

Fifth, the point that Mr. McCarthy did not sharpen is that only contract negotiations will address the current pension issues and not the flawed proposed charter, which he so dearly loves.

Lastly, considering all the distortions, deceptions and omissions in Mr. McCarthy’s relatively short letter, can we trust him?  I think he has already lost our trust and we should not vote him in as a City Councilman.

Charles Mooney is Vice President of CM4RG and a Costa Mesa resident.  An edited version of this letter appeared in the Saturday edition of the Daily Pilot.