Dear Costa Mesa Neighbors

Dear Costa Mesa Neighbors,

We’re Costa Mesans for Responsible Government, a grassroots, non-partisan organization formed to encourage and promote high levels of openness, accountability, integrity, and responsiveness in our City Government. We are a  group of hundreds of local neighbors and residents from all political walks of life who share common goals.

We’re expecting a tough election and potentially a city charter proposal in November 2012.

This city council majority:

We want a city council that:

  • Provides truthful, unbiased information and makes decisions based upon that information.
  • Respects citizens and employees.
  • Focuses on public services to residents that ensure our safety and smooth operations of city functions.
  • Does the right things, for the right reasons.


How to Help

We’re walking and talking to our friends and neighbors about how to get back our Costa Mesa.  Sign up at to volunteer to join our neighborhood teams or write to us at CM4RG, PO Box 4293, Costa Mesa, CA 92628.

Please Donate!   Every dollar will help keep our Costa Mesa run for us, the residents.   Donate using our secure PayPal link on the website or mail a donation to CM4RG, PO Box 4293, Costa Mesa, CA 92628.  Every dollar will go to grassroots outreach to our Costa Mesa neighbors.

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