Issues And Positions

This section provides information on the many important issues facing Costa Mesa.  We hope to provide objective answers to ongoing questions and overall respond to the misinformation circulated by those opposing open and true representative government.

The “Issues and Positions’ section will grow over time to contain letters and comments from members, links to other pertinent sources, and CM4RG “position papers”.

The CM4RG Board recently chose 5 Top Priorities to focus on between now and the November 2016, election.  Costa Mesa faces many issues and we feel these five captures the full range of issues facing the City.

CM4RG Top 5 Priorities

Election of New Council Majority

Development and Traffic

Costa Mesa General Plan

Public Safety

City Finances and Budget

CM4RG is in the process of writing and posting Position Papers that outline and explain our positions on the Top 5 and we will also post additional papers, as appropriate, on other City issues.



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