March 15th Town Hall

CM4RG held it’s first informational briefing on March 15, 2012 at the Costa Mesa Community Center. Here are the majority of questions that were asked and the answers given at that meeting. You can watch these videos separately at CM4RG’s YouTube Channel.

Click the caption of each video to view the slide, video, and details about that particular topic.

Video #1: Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance Video #2: Opening Remarks
Video #3: Land Use, Parks, and Voter Rights Video #4: How the Proposed Charter Affects Our Pocketbooks
Video #5: How the Proposed Charter Affects Public Contracting Video #6: What’s the truth about the Costa Mesa Charter?
Video #7: Robin Addresses Contractions and Construction Video #8: Question on Outsourcing City Services
Video #9: Question on Pension Liability Video #10: Questions on Council Member Removal, Disclosure, Citizens Commissions, and Charter Proponents
Video #11: Why June? City Council Raises? Video #12: Employee Association Lawsuit, Checks and Balances
Video #13: Are there penalties for violating the charter? Video #14: Questions on 15% Requirement For Petition, City Officers, Prevailing Wage
Video #15: Question on the Buena Park Charter Video #16: Questions on Ethically Transparent Decisions
Video #17: Questions on Fines, Design and Build Construction, and Wrap Up

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