March 15th Event – Costa Mesa City Charter: What’s The Truth?

The City Council majority has voted to place a measure on the June 5th ballot to adopt a Costa Mesa city charter, i.e. a new system of laws to govern our city.  This will be the biggest change in Costa Mesa’s history, affecting every Costa Mesa resident, business, and property owner for decades to come.

Did you know the charter would let the City Council assume powers not even mentioned in the charter itself (Charter Section 103)?  The charter would increase the power of the City Council and reduce the power of residents.

What will the charter mean for our community? Our neighborhoods? Our pocketbooks?

Find out what will change and what won’t — and what could change depending on the wishes of a current or future city council. Learn how becoming a charter city could:

Affect Land Use decisions and the ability of residents to challenge those decisions
Make Public Works Projects MORE Expensive while doing nothing about the City’s pension obligation
Affect Future Elections

Learn about the dangers of what the charter DOESN’T say.

Thursday, March 15 at 6:30 pm
Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center
1845 Park Avenue, Costa Mesa

(in Lions’ Park, across from the Courtyards)

Sponsored by Costa Mesans for Responsible Government (CM4RG), a grass-roots group of citizens dedicated to preserving our city.

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