League of Women Voters Opposes Measure V

League of Women VotersIn a letter to the editor in today’s Daily Pilot, the Orange Coast League of Women Voters wrote the following:

The League of Women Voters Orange Coast opposes the proposed Costa Mesa charter, known as Measure V on the Nov. 6 ballot.
First, the process that created the proposed charter was deeply flawed. A broad, diverse spectrum of individuals and community stakeholders were not involved or consulted. Requests that the city form a citizens’ commission to craft a charter were rejected. Public hearings were not conducted with fairness, with equal opportunity for all speakers.


Second, we cannot support some key proposed charter provisions. We are opposed to setting term limits for council members, as citizens already have that power through the ballot box. No-bid contracting and privatization of city jobs is deeply problematic and needs much broader public discussion. Possible privatization of parkland for 99 years also needs further public consideration. Should we really hand over our precious open space to private interests for the next century?


A charter form of government can be good. But if we are going to make that choice, all the citizens of Costa Mesa need to be included in the discussion and decision. We urge a no vote on Measure V this November.


Armida Brashears, Judith M. Gielow, Barbara Wood and Joan Stewart

League of Women Voters, Orange Coast

Well said.  Vote No on V!