Here We Go Again!

A city charter proposal is back!  The City Council will hold  a public hearing Tuesday  April 22 at 7pm, 77 Fair Drive to receive the public’s input.  Members of the public may speak for 3 minutes each.  There is no limit on how many may speak.

This will be the first of two required public hearings.   At this point the document is unchanged from what was submitted by the City Council-appointed Charter Committee.  Click here to read a copy of the draft.

However… a majority of the Council may amend it if they see fit.   Given how Measure V went two years ago, if past is prologue, it is reasonable to expect changes from the council majority.

Two years ago, the first charter – Measure V – faced its most critical question. What Precisely Do You Want To Do That Is Now Illegal?

Costa Mesa never did get an answer from Mr. Righeimer on that question. Consequently, Measure V went down to defeat by 20 points.

Will April 2014 be more of the same? Tune in tomorrow night at City Hall to find out!