General Plan Update

Update: Important Meeting on Tuesday, July 23.  Click here for the latest details.

CM4RG takes an active role in Costa Mesa’s General Plan Update for 2013.  State law requires that each city adopt a General Plan “for the physical development of a city and any land outside its boundaries which bears relation to its planning.” A General Plan should be updated every 10 years.

Like every government process, when all parties act responsibly, Costa Mesa is a better city to live, work, and raise families.   The city wants to hear from everyone and CM4RG wants to hear your hopes, thoughts, and concerns.

Under plans already in the works, large swaths of existing low intensity commercial uses and single-family housing would be replaced by high-density housing.  (Note pages 7 through 9 and maps on page 11 through 15 of the linked document.)  We could end up with thousands of new units generating hordes of increased traffic.

Do you want more of this type of development impacting our community and quality of life?

Keep up to date with the latest developments on the General Plan Update from this page.  We will also have headlines to other General Plan related news here.