Costa Mesa’s General Plan Will Affect Your Neighborhood

Costa Mesa General Plan

Changes to Costa Mesa’s General Plan can affect your neighborhood in the future. What could be built next to you?

Costa Mesa is in the early stages of updating the city’s General Plan for zoning and construction.  In the last few weeks, CM4RG has participated in the city’s Visioning meetings.  CM4RG got the city staff and consultants to add participation workshops to the agenda.

We need the staff to see that people from all over the city see the stake they have in making sure that the plan for Costa Mesa’s growth over the next 20+ years is one they, not only can live with, but also actively support.

This is where we need your help.

The next visioning meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 17 at 6 PM at the Emergency Operations Center at City Hall.

CM4RG needs your help to deliver flyers in mid-July.  We will have a walk-and-drop event soon.   The flyers will be designed to cover specific changes to the current General Plan and how those may affect specific areas of the city (i.e. Westside, Eastside, Fairview park, little talked about Tewinkle park, etc),   Those flyers should be distributed to the areas they cover.

To stay informed and get the latest developments, sign up on our website and click on “2013 General Plan Update”