PRESS RELEASE: CM4RG Endorses Three Candidates for Costa Mesa City Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Contact: Mary Ann O’Connell – 714.434.1516 – maryannatfranwisedotnet

Costa Mesans for Responsible Government Endorses Three Candidates for Costa Mesa City Council


Costa Mesans for Responsible Government (, a grassroots, non-partisan organization formed to encourage and promote high levels of openness, accountability, integrity, and responsiveness in our City Government, endorses Sandra (Sandy) Genis, John Stephens, and Harold Weitzberg for Costa Mesa City Council in the upcoming November 2012 election.

“We are pleased to have three strong candidates who oppose the city charter in its current form and who have the ability to communicate the change needed in Costa Mesa city government,” said Robin Leffler, President of CM4RG.  “Our endorsed candidates have strong professional backgrounds and thoughtful, common-sense solutions to deliver to all Costa Mesa residents.  We believe Sandy Genis, John Stephens, and Harold Weitzberg will work well together because of their common values, in-depth knowledge of the city’s operations, land development, local, state, and federal laws and how they affect residents, taxpayers, local businesses, and city employees.  The three endorsed candidates will focus on public services to protect the residents and businesses and promote the smooth operations of our city.  Finally, Sandy, John, and Harold have proven that they will do the right thing for the right reasons.  We could not be more pleased.”

CM4RG established a non-partisan, three-tier process to select quality candidates, based on several criteria.  These included prior involvement in Costa Mesa issues and institutions, education and professional experience, ability to win in a very competitive election, and a high level of agreement with CM4RG’s mission and policy positions. An elected committee conducted personal interviews. A panel of dedicated volunteers observed these interviews. Once the interviews were finished, committee members summarized the results.  Their summary served as the basis for the Board of Directors’ recommendation on the three candidates to the members present.  The members present represented our broad based demographics, including every major political party and area of the city. After group discussion, a secret ballot was cast.  The vote was unanimous for Sandra Genis, John Stephens and Harold Weitzberg. 

CM4RG was formed in early 2011 to return Costa Mesa to an open, responsible, transparent government that is responsive and accountable to its people.

For more information about Costa Mesans for Responsible Government and how you can support their efforts, go to Join us on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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