CM4RG Endorses 3 Candidates For City Council

Costa Mesans for Responsible Government (CM4RG) is pleased and proud to announce our endorsement of Sandy Genis, Jay Humphrey, and John Stephens for Costa Mesa City Council.

“We believe each of these candidates will put the safety and well being of Costa Mesa residents first and exemplify the values in our mission statement: CM4RG is a grassroots non-partisan organization formed to encourage and promote high levels of openness, accountability, integrity, and responsiveness in our City government. ” Said Wendy Leece, CM4RG Election Committee chairperson.

Sandy Genis is currently on the City Council. She demonstrates her preparation, professionalism and knowledge of the issues at every meeting. Her dedication to the “Public” in public service is obvious. She will continue to serve Costa Mesa with respect and distinction.

Jay Humphrey served on the Council in the early 1990’s, and along with Sandy Genis, fought successfully to pull Costa Mesa finances out of the County investment pool before it crashed. He ran again in 2014 and came just 47 votes shy of election, and remains very involved in the community on a wide range of local issues.

John Stephens ran for Council in 2012, and was only 155 votes shy of election. He is well informed, analytical, and a consensus builder, and looks forward to talking with people about issues that matter to them such as public safety, high-density development, preserving parks and any other areas of constituent concerns.

All three are long time residents of Costa Mesa and are active members of the community. All can run strong campaigns. All understand municipal budgeting, and will take a hard look at spending, prioritize needs over wants, and will value public input over pet projects. Each will respectfully listen to the concerns of fellow Costa Mesans.

“The goals of these candidates strongly align with those of CM4RG,” Leece continued. “They will be responsive to Costa Mesans versus outside interests. They will support orderly, well planned growth that respects established neighborhoods and will prioritize the safety and well being of the public. We also believe they will work to end the divisiveness among Council members and between Council members and residents that has characterized the Council over the past several years”.

This is the third election cycle where CM4RG has endorsed candidates for City Council.

On June 30, all CM4RG members were invited to participate in the endorsement process. The three candidates met with the group, and answered a wide range of members’ questions . After the candidates left the meeting, members had a short discussion and then cast ballots. No one moved to include other candidates during the discussion. The members present and those voting absentee voted unanimously to endorse Sandy, Jay and John.