Busy Week Ahead: Get Involved Now!

CM4RGStackColorThis is a very busy and important week ahead in Costa Mesa.

Two days ago, the City announced they will hold a Charter Study session on Tuesday, April 23rd at 4:30 pm.  Short notice and difficult time for many residents!  The subjects they will cover are in the staff report.  If you possibly can, I urge you to attend and speak up about this important meeting being held at such an inconvenient time and on such short notice, or if you can’t be there, email the Council members contacts available here.

CM4RG will hold it’s regular monthly meeting this Thursday, April 25th at 7:00 PM.   If you are familiar with how members of the city committees were chosen, here’s a handy refresher.  The outcome was no surprise.  Meanwhile, our city continues to face some real problems.

To start solving these solutions, we encourage anyone of any political party with an open mind and a willingness to help to sign up for our email newsletter.  We will then send you information about Thursday’s meeting, the agenda, and the location.