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Mailbag: Charter Lends Too Much Power

2014votenoyardsign2.2Charter lends too much power

During the candidates forum (“Council candidates focus at forum on park, development and charter(Aug. 23), charter proponents praised the idea that the charter could increase local control, meaning local elected officials would gain control over municipal functions, such as contracts.

Here’s a way of looking at the proposed charter — characterized as a constitution for Costa Mesa — that might help its supporters understand why so many residents are scared to death of it.

What if the actual Constitution of the United States included a paragraph like the proposed charter’s Section 806? “Except as provided by mandatory language in this constitution, the language contained is intended to be permissive rather than limiting and shall be liberally and broadly construed in favor of the exercise of power to govern with respect to any matter that is a domestic affair.”

If anyone proposed that the U.S. Constitution should give that much power to a president, I believe every citizen — whether red, blue or purple — would come unglued.

Tom Egan

Costa Mesa

This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Daily Pilot.

Flo’s Firefighters Don’t Need PowerPoint

Flo appeared at the Costa Mesa City Council meeting on April 15, 2014 and delivered this moving presentation. If we ever elect a majority of Costa Mesa City Council members who care about human beings, perhaps such a reinvigorated government entity will one day adopt the positive direction suggested by Flo.

Until that day, we’re getting all the negativity and destructiveness that Mr. R-word can muster, “Don’t hold your breath,” says he.