A Look Into the Work of the Charter Committee

As you know, the city’s Charter Committee finished up their work last Tuesday.  The process for creating the committee had it’s flaws, but once the committee was set, we were interested in their process for creating a charter.

A big issue throughout the process was council compensation. This committee spent six weeks hashing out these details, agreeing to language months ago. As you will see in the video, they had a change of heart at the last meeting (March 11).  After the debate, they threw out all of their previous work and went back to compensation schedule under General Law.

What’s the next step? Their work goes to the City Council, who can add, modify, or delete anything they’ve done as they see fit with three votes. That process is expected to start in April.  CM4RG will keep you posted.

Check out Geoff West’s A Bubbling Cauldron for more details about this meeting.