16 Red Flags in Costa Mesa’s Measure V

Costa Mesa’s proposed Measure V has 16 different concerns that will expand the city council’s authority, enable personal enrichment and political advancement, fail to improve public service, fail to address current pension issues and underfunded liability, and fail to disclose all the key changes inherent in a charter city, such as 99 year park leases with little to no citizen involvement.

Here is each section of the charter that has issues, and CM4RG’s carefully researched claim against it.  Click here to read the research against each claim.

  1. Section 103: Vague language grants more power to the City Council.
  2. Section 202: Greater City Council power with resolutions and ordinances.
  3. Section 300: Why have fine limits been lifted?
  4. Section 301: Arbitrary handling of land-use variances.
  5. Section 401(b): This charter eliminates protections against fraud and corruption.
  6. Section 401(c): This is the language that allows no-bid contracts.
  7. Section 401(f): Exaggerated savings on prevailing wage projects?
  8. Section 401(g): “Fair and open competition” is up for interpretation.
  9. Section 402: Is this the legal rationale for the City taking over the Water and Sanitation Districts?
  10.  Section 500: Revenue Retention is already protected under the state Constitution.
  11.  Section 501: Unfunded Mandates is already protected under the state Constitution.
  12.  Section 600: Reliance on untested charter provisions rather than well-tested general law.
  13.  Section 604: Saving money comes only through negotiations, not by picking political fights with city employees and their associations.
  14.  Section 800: Vague language: “Except as otherwise provided by this Charter, the language contained in this Charter is intended to be permissive rather than exclusive.”
  15.  Section 900: Very limited checks and balances.  Only takes 3 councilmen to get an amendment on the ballot.  It takes 8,800 voters to do the same. 
  16.  Section 901: Very limited checks and balances.  Citizens want a say sooner than 10 years.

Here’s the bottom line:
This charter puts politicans in complete control of the purse strings
with no accountability.


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