Tuesday April 18, 2017

6:00 p.m. City Council Chambers

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Tuesday’s ambitious Public Meeting follows two hours of closed session. Expect some spirited comments and discussion since there are a number of complicated and controversial issues on the Agenda. I predict a tired Council by the end of what may be a very late night!

A few items are highlighted below-

If you want the whole scoop, view the whole agenda here:
Click on the title of any item to view staff reports.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Is there something on your mind about Costa Mesa? This is your 3 minutes to speak about anything Costa Mesa as long as it’s not on the Agenda later. When you speak you also raise public awareness about issues you care about, because everyone watching the City Council Show in person or at home hears your comments.

CONSENT CALENDAR: Items are considered routine and may all be approved in one vote. If you want to know what our City Council is up, this is where the money gets spent. Some items don’t seem all that routine. To comment on any item, “pull” it by turning in a speaker card with the item listed (ex: CC#_)

PUBLIC HEARING #2: Code Amendments for Ordinances Relating to Group Homes and Residential Care Facilities;
The Planning Commission reviewed proposed ordinances for these facilities, including “sober living homes”, and suggested several changes that may – or may not- make such facilities better neighbors. City Council may follow the Planning Commission recommendations or come up with changes of their own. For our members who are interested in these issues, the proposal bears careful scrutiny.
Staff Report:

NEW BUSINESS #2: Ambulance Transportation for the City of Costa Mesa
Finally some movement on this long hoped for transition! Yet there are still a lot details to finesse. The Fire Chief and City Manager’s “new” recommendation is an updated version of the 2015 Option 3, which was the Fire Chief’s and City Manager’s recommendation in 2015. The former City Council majority rejected it.

Our own ambulances could finally be used for transport, our own Paramedics would attend, but other ambulance staff could be private Medical Technicians. This option could supply the City with somewhere upwards of $1,200,000 revenue currently going to a private contractor, and could be self supporting. Other options include: maintain the current model (contracting with CARE ambulance); modification of past options, delay decisions pending more information, or basically anything the City Council may choose.

The staff report says this option is “Financially self-sustaining, with greater cost recovery revenue retained by the City”.

One of the attachments describes the 2015 version of Option 3: “Under this model, CMFD would become the ambulance provider of record…The CMFD would secure a third party billing company to handle billing and collection on their behalf. This model would then allow the City to establish their ambulance rates as well as their own billing and collection policy. The CMFD would enter into a contract with the provider for a fixed cost of providing unit hours of service and formalize a surge plan for when needed.”
Staff Report:

NEW BUSINESS #3: Consider Request for a 4th of July Community Firework Event, and Increased Enforcement and Fines Against Illegal Fireworks
Staff report:

NEW BUSINESS #4: If changes to the ordinances considered in Public Hearing #2 are passed, some Planning Commission decisions regarding group homes including “sober living homes” will be remanded back to the Planning Commission.
Staff report

Working TOGETHER we’ll keep striving to ensure Costa Mesa Government is Responsive, Responsible, Transparent and Accountable to the People it serves!

Robin Leffler
Costa Mesans for Responsible Government

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