Happy New Year Costa Mesa!

Working TOGETHER We Did It!!! Responsive, Responsible, Transparent and Accountable Government is back in Costa Mesa!

Tuesday January 17, 2017
5:45 p.m. City Council Chambers
FREE Admission
250 Seats Available

View the agenda HERE.

To read staff reports, click on the title of any item.

PUBLIC COMMENT : Your 3 minutes to say anything about Costa Mesa that is not on the Agenda.

Rules: Are just about to get a whole lot less restrictive. If the changes suggested in Public Hearing #2 are enacted, speaker cards will be requested but no longer required and all public comments will be heard before the public hearings begin, none trailed to the end of the meeting.

CONSENT CALENDAR: Items are considered routine and may all be approved in one vote. This is where money gets spent, contracts get approved, legal bills are revealed… If you want to comment on an item, you can “pull” it by turning in a speaker card with the item listed (ex: CC#_)

PUBLIC HEARINGS: All hearings are public hearings, including those titled Public Hearing, Old Business and New Business. Council will open public comments for each hearing and any member of the public may comment on that topic. Speaker cards are requested but not required. Comments from the public become part of the permanent record.

Tonight a few items may attract above average community attention:

PUBIC HEARING #2: A request to rezone 440 Fair Drive from Neighborhood Commercial to High Density Residential. A General Plan Amendment would allow 28 3-and 4-story condominium units on 1.66 acres and also asks for parking, setback and open space variances.

Our usually development-happy Planning Commission recommended denial of the project, maybe because they were thinking about their own future. This is a very big deal for residents of College Park because it is right smack up against some of their homes and would tower over the community, as well as create parking and traffic problems. It’s a big deal for any of us who have concerns about the impact of overdevelopment on neighborhood integrity and on the City as a whole.
Staff Report: http://www.costamesaca.gov/ftp/council/agenda/2017/2017-01-17/PH-2.pdf

Old Business #2: West 19th Bicycle Trail Project.
The project would build a concrete “multi-purpose” bike trail in Talbert Park, and the City could get $1,700,000 in grant money to help build it. This hearing is to consider allocating $155,977 for an environmental analysis.

The alternative to the project is no project ( no concrete trail). Some residents have raised concerns that the construction will destroy sensitive habitat for endangered species, and jus t like in Fairview Park feel that the best choice is no concrete trail. Should be an interesting hearing!
Staff Report: http://www.costamesaca.gov/ftp/council/agenda/2017/2017-01-17/OB-2.pdf

NEW BUSINESS #1: Staff Requests Council provide direction regarding the return of the Mobile Recreation Program.
If the Council decides to return this worthy program, all I can say is YAY! All Costa Mesa kids need access to fun, affirming, and encouraging activities, and the Mobile Recreation Program provides lots of them .

If you can’t come but want to watch, tune in Tuesday at 5:45 at Council Camera HERE.

Blogger Geoff West provides great analysis about local issues with generous doses of his opinion thrown in for free. To keep abreast of all kinds of doings in the City, check in often at http://abubblingcauldron.blogspot.com/ . Here’s his take on the upcoming Council Meeting: http://abubblingcauldron.blogspot.com/2017/01/measure-y-gets-its-first-test-tuesday.html

Working TOGETHER We Did It!!! Responsive, Responsible, Transparent and Accountable Government is back in Costa Mesa!

Robin Leffler
Costa Mesans for Responsible Government

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